The Judicial Care Business Group is an association of companies with the judicial knowledge that is fundamental to perform judicial business in Brazil. We perform Investments, Asset Management, Real Estate Management including leasing, purchasing, selling, and legalization of property, Inventories, Attorney General, Auctions, and Individual Visas for entities within and outside Brazil.

The Judicial Care Business Group is a combination of professionals and companies in different fields of activity, such as: Lawyers, Economists, Entrepreneurships, Realtors, Accountants, Engineers, Architects, and many others that provide services in specific areas of technical and scientific knowledge, acquired through the years of experience and now gathered in one place, under the direction of the CEO Hélio Coelho.

logo_rioopendoorsThe Rio Open Doors manages the negotiation of your property, shop, commercial room, buildings, land and business. We work with sales, purchase, sale and rent for long periods or season. Visit our website and see the opportunities available.

logo_artcareThe ArtCare the necessary support for your art project (movies, plays, dance, literature, event, etc.). Laws framed up in sponsorship and capitamos reasonable investment. Meet some of our ongoing projects.

logo_brazil_open_doorsThe Brazil Open Doors advises foreigners in the withdrawal of the visa and / or the opening of your company in Brazil. We provide all the necessary documentation and forward to the responsible agencies. See here for more details.